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CITD Expanding Borders

This week CiTD participates in a new direct commercial mission to the United States (USA), along with twelve other Andalusian companies in the aeronautical sector to finds new business opportunities, expanding borders to the international market.

From February 10th to 14th, we are getting to know the aerospace sector of the country and the most important companies, establishing connections, taking advantage of business opportunities in which we can participate. The objective of this visit, organized by The Andalusian Agency For The Promotions EXTENDA,  is to provide us knowledge of the sector and to reach the international market approach in supply chains, acquisitions and engineering of American companies.

The agenda of this event is taking us to meet large companies in the sector in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington, managing to participate in The California Spain Aerospace & Defense Forum, held yesterday, February 12th with the participation of 40 companies in the sector.

In CiTD we have carried out European and international projects in the aerospace and aeronautical sector, providing our services of designs, calculations, additive manufacturing, digital transformation and more, for which we applaud the idea of ​​The Ministry of the Presidency and Public Administration and Interior throughExtenda, to let us know other markets and companies, to find unique chances that will allow us to go further.

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