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EST continues making progress in all the activities in which the project is engaged. In this issue, we learn that the Spanish National Research Council and the Slovak Academy of Sciences hosted events to present the project, accompanied by the exhibition of the EST documentary “Reaching for the Sun”, to representatives of their respective national governmental, scientific and industrial communities. The events attracted the attention of the Span- ish and Slovak media and EST reached wide diffusion in both countries. The year started with a second review meeting with the participation of our European Commission project officer and an external reviewer. As in the first review, the outcome of the evaluation was positive and important advice for a successful project finalisation was received. The works for the preliminary design of the Telescope Structure, Pier, Enclosure, Primary and (Adaptive) Secondary Mirrors, and Heat Rejecter of EST are underway by the awarded companies. International consortia are working towards the preliminary design of the EST Tunable Imaging Spectropolarimeters and Integral Field Spectropolarimeters. These works, as well as others directly managed by the EST-PO, will be presented at the 2022 SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation conference. The feasibility of the construction of EST at the approved site has been confirmed. The preliminary studies of the building and civil works have led to the adaptation of the EST shape to the site configuration. As part of the intense communication activities, we describe the participa- tion of the project in UNESCO's International Day of Women and Girls in Sci- ence, the development of the EST Solarpedia and the international school competition "The Sun at a glance", with an outstanding participation. We all wish you enjoy reading the description of these activities.

M. Collados, PRE-EST coordinator

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