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CITD participates in the ZERO Project

Technologies for zero-emission aeronautical operations (2021 - 2023) Participants: Leader: Airbus; Consortium members: CITD, Applus+ Laboratories, INGETEAM, CESA, SEGULA. Funding: This Project receives funding from the CDTI according to the PTAG- 20211002. The CDTI receives support from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and the project is part of the Aeronautical Technology Program. The PTA is part of the actions and investments of the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, funded by the European Union through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism and the NextGeneration package. The ZERO Project aims to support the European Union in its commitment to lead and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. For many years, the aeronautical industry has made considerable efforts to minimize its emissions and CO2, and has managed to reduce them to 50%. Even so, the pressure to continue advancing in this reduction continues, and the remaining 50% will be much more difficult. In this case, the project aims to study the use of liquid hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures in commercial aviation. In order to face this challenge, it is necessary to develop new technologies to safely store and use hydrogen in airplanes. CiTD focuses on the study and sizing of the double-jacket cryogenic hydrogen storage tank in CFRP, its thermal insulation and the accommodation of systems. Vulnerability studies of this tank are carried out in the same way, reinforcing the security of the system. On the other hand, CiTD with its additive manufacturing area, participates in the optimization of the necessary heat exchangers in the system.



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