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CiTD successfully completes one of the R&D projects that it has been carrying out in recent years.

FASE (development of Additive Manufactured new products for Space Sector) in collaboration with the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), develops highly optimized component solutions anticipating the future of additive manufacturing technology in the space sector.

The RTC-2017-6556-4 project has been carried out within the framework of the 2017 Challenges-Collaboration program of the State R & D & I Program, aiming he Challenges of Society and financed by MINECO.

The project allows promoting the technology through the identification of applications in different structures of satellites and launchers as well as the compilation of requirements for elements qualification. It focuses on engineering development activities: optimization and analysis to the complete definition of the part and its assembly and installation. Additionally, it has permitted the maturity and control of the production process of the pieces to evolve, establishing a design, manufacturing and post-processing methodology that allows the qualification of the parts as well as establishing procedures that allow reducing the associated manufacturing cost.

The project has been funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the State Research Agency



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