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Buckling failure as design driver 🙊

Shell structures design under compression loads could fail due to the loss of stability. This phenomena is called buckling and drives the design of aerospace structures such as launchers and satellites but as well top surfaces of airplanes wing.

In this picture we can see how these thin stainless steel wine tanks buckled in an earthquake near Livermore, California at the Wente Brothers winery in 1979. Note that some of the tanks buckled more or less axisymmetrically whereas others buckled non-axisymmetrically. Buckling near the base of the tanks is caused primarily by axial compression caused by a reaction to the overturning moment generated by horizontal ground motion during an earthquake combined with hoop tension from the hydrostatic pressure of the wine in the tank. Therefore, the buckles are elongated in the circumferential direction. They occur primarily near the bottom of the tank because the axial compression is greatest there.

Please take a look to the shell buckling website by David and Bill Bushnell ( Amazing pictures!



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