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AI and Additive Manufacturing

We continue making significant progress in SCALDATA, our Additive Manufacturing Project lead by Smart City Cluster. The Project makes use of AI to predict the presence of manufacturing defects and adapts that prediction to evaluate the lifespan of parts under fatigue conditions. A first consequence of this process, highly beneficial, is inspection routine times are much shorter. CiTD, Elliot Cloud, and CATEC have manufactured and inspected via tomography several batches of Scalmalloy elements. Inspection results as well as output data from the manufacturing systems have been analyzed and processed through AI generating interesting results about the process itself and about the impact of several parameters in the manufactured parts using PBLF technology. Data and prediction models are specific to the manufacturing process and material but, thanks to the SCALDATA outcomes, it will not be difficult to adapt them to different systems, materials, and part typology.



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