We are ready to ESA Congress ECSSMET. In our 3 conferences CITD will explain how the optimization and additive manufacturing help to create real products with better performances. The program is available in https://atpi.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/ecssmet/ecssmet/Agenda


Second day at Space Tech in Pasadena

Second day at Space Tech in Pasadena. We are happy to explain what are our approach about additive manufacturing challenges and also the digitization. We are at booth 9306 see you there. http://www.spacetechexpo.com/



BIOBAM Bio-inspired Bracket in Additive Manufacturing is a development created by CITD, manufactured by FADA CATEC, and in collaboration with Airbus Space and Defense, to use it in Launchers. It’s the biggest part made in Scalmallow material in Spain. It reduces the total weight 40% than the original one, and it has better mechanical behavior. You can see i... Read more

CITD at SPACE TECH in Pasadena California

CITD at SPACE TECH in Pasadena California CITD will be in Pasadena from 21th to 24th of May, showing the products and explaining their capabilities at booth 9306. If you want to see Flight Space Hardware made in additive manufacturing, please visit us, you will be welcome. CITD is the only Spanish Company present at this event. We are proud to represent our count... Read more


CITD at BCI Seville from 15th to 17th of May. CITD will be present at Aerospace and defense meeting in Seville. One of the biggest European Aerospace events. It is a nice opportunity to share our capabilities and applications based on Additive manufacturing to Aerospace big players. It will be a pleasure meet with you at Booth N°E4.

CITD has been selected as supplier for Fus...

We are proud to announce that CITD has been selected as supplier for Fusion for Energy research organization during the period 2018-2021. As before at CERN, where CITD works since 2013, the company is now taking up the relationship already started between 2013 and 2016 to develop this technological facility from any of its sites. Read more:

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