AIRBUS Extra Wide Body Aircraft. Worked as Tier 1 and Tier 2. On-going Work Packages.
Participated in several areas and disciplines since 2007:

  • Structural Design: VTP & Rudder, S19.
  • Design & Stress Analysis: HTP, Belly Fairing, Wing Lower Cover

3D Design, 2D Manufacturing & Assembly Drawings.

Stress Assessment, Sizing & Certification Reports, Large repairs solutions, Handling and transport, Skin and stringers, worked on specific areas (interfaces) as root joint, spar landing, engine pylon, main landing gear and manholes, Detail studies for generic zones, all in Composite technology.

  • Electrical Design: VTP SYSTEMS Mat A&B, HTP S19/19.1 SYSTEMS (M5), MLG DOORS BF, S11-12, S15-21, S41-26-28, C/C

Worked on Functional Design, Electrical Systems Definition, Electrical Routing, Electrical Brackets & Interface Panels Design, Detail Drawings for all parts and assemblies (Harness Manufacturing Drawings, Installation Drawings, Label Drawings, Assembly Drawings), Purchasing lists…

  • Flight Test Installation: S19/19.1, Belly Fairing, Rudder, Main Landing Gear, S10, S11/12, S15/21, S26/28, Pylon , Power Plant
  • MAP Support
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